Pane di Pasqua

Pani di Pasqua

Pani di Pasqua

I can’t take credit for this work of art. It was made by my colleague Marybeth, who decided to try her hand for the first time at making this traditional Italian (and many other cultures’) Easter Bread. I think she was thinking of the larger versions, but after viewing a photo and recipe for smaller, individual, pani on the Internet, she made that instead.

This is a yeast bread, something I haven’t messed with in years, but she did an amazing job and I am so lucky she shared one with me.  Easter breads are just lightly sweetened (from the era when white flour and sugar were very occasional treats), and tend to be a little dry, so you can dunk them in your coffee or vino.  I’m not a dunker (shocking I know), so enjoyed this with a wee bit of butter (Irish Kerrygold), and some berry jam.  Heavenly!

For an interesting rundown of similar breads from many cultures (leading off with my father’s beloved choereg), see TheKitchn.

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