All the best…

Visions of sugar plums may run through some people’s heads at night, but for others of us, it’s more likely to be truffles, or pork belly, or who knows what gourmet treat. Of course, I can’t remember ever having a sugar plum, so maybe this is not surprising. Now that could be a good culinary project for me next year – maybe home made artisanal sugar plums are poised for a comeback or their 15 minutes of modern-day fame? Hmm!

Meanwhile, here are some of the treats I’ve enjoyed over the last few weeks, here, there, and everywhere. As you go about your holiday activities over the next couple of weeks, remember to patronize your local independent merchants and restaurants. Each year brings new markets and eateries to tempt us, and what seemed like a near culinary wasteland to me when I moved back to this area in 1985 after 20 years away, is now a vibrant community of farmers, farm markets, other food producers/purveyers, and independently owned restaurants with an emphasis on local, seasonal, foods. What a wonderful thing!

All the best to my readers over the holidays, and may 2014 bring all good things. (Remember to check out my Good Deeds page for information on food pantries and an upcoming fundraiser for Womanspace at the soon-to-open Bonefish Grill in Mercer Mall.)

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