Sickroom Fare Armenian to Mexican

Herisah with brown butter

Herisah with brown butter

After a lovely Christmas Day, where we all enjoyed playing with my baby grand nephew Luca (almost one), we all got his cold. Oh well, it was so worth it, but I am in sick room lockdown right now, and casting about for easy to prepare dishes that appeal and that I can actually taste. Thus the lonely Sweet Corn Tamale in the feature photo, from Trader Joe’s, which I remembered I had in the freezer. With a little pepper jack cheese on top and some green salsa (neither were really spicy), it hit the spot.

That’s not everyone’s idea of sick room fare, but I can only eat so much bland food. Yesterday was scrambled eggs (below), and some of my favorite Armenian herisah (I’d just made a batch fortunately), turkey and skinless wheat cooked for hours in the crock-pot, until it becomes something like porridge. Chicken soup for the Armenian soul!

I’d originally planned to go to De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies in Robbinsville (at Washington Town Center) this afternoon with a friend, but when my cold took a sharp turn for the worse yesterday, I’d cancelled. Looking at the pouring rain outside today, I’m glad I don’t have to go driving all over anyway. Another time. Hope you are home or somewhere pleasant, cozy and warm today! Maybe a ski lodge?

Wherever you are, have a wonderful New Year!

Scrambled Eggs (the English muffin was too scratchy)

Scrambled Eggs (the English muffin was too scratchy)

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