Chinese Tea ceremony at Peony Pavilion

Peony Pavilion

Peony Pavilion

Discover the ancient ritual of the Chinese Tea Ceremony at the Peony Pavilion on Wednesday, May 21, 12-2 p.m.  The tea and small plate networking luncheon kicks off the Peony Club, a series of educational demonstrations and discussions with topics of culture, music, cuisine, health, beauty, and fashion to be held at the restaurant. The cost for this event is $18 all inclusive per person. Make reservations by calling 609.580.1850.

The tea event is co-sponsored by Lisa Shao, owner of Peony Pavilion and Denise Marchisotto, owner Glow Wellness. Joanne Zhou, an international cultural consultant, will be the guest hostess conducting the ceremony. (Shao was the subject of a recent cover story by my colleague Pat Tanner in U.S. 1 Newspaper.)

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