Hear me at the Literacy Readathon Thursday

Cookbooks Galore!

Cookbooks Galore!

Come to Thursday’s Literacy Readathon at the Princeton Public Library and hear yours truly read three short poems about food. I’m on at 1:10pm, and just before me, at 1:00pm, you can also hear my colleague Pat Tanner read! Really, how lucky can you get? AND, you can enjoy the Princeton Farmer’s Market on Hinds Plaza that day, too.

The readathon runs from 10am (first hour is for kids), to 4:00pm, in the Community Room. Some of Princeton’s notables will also read, and everyone gets 5 minutes. YOU can read too, if there are slots left, contact vgolden at literacynj dot org to sign up.

You might be shocked to hear there are about 60,000 people in Mercer County who can’t read above a fourth grade level. The need is everywhere, but largely hidden from view, in no small part because of clever coping skills people develop. But imagine not being able to read a recipe, or nutritional information and ingredients on food, or your medication label (!)…nearly every aspect of daily living is impacted by not being able to read.

I can personally attest to how rewarding literacy tutoring can be, as I was a Tutor for several years myself.. If you might be interested, visit the Literacy NJ Website or stop by the reading Thursday to get information. It looks like there is Tutor Training coming up in Princeton in October!

One thought on “Hear me at the Literacy Readathon Thursday

  1. Faith, Good luck on the poetry readathon. What a great idea! I will certainly try to be there for you – a very senior friend has just passed away and I plan to attend his funeral at the JC in the morning, but could be up for something upbeat in the afternoon. I even took your suggestion and wrote asking for a chance to read about the Chinese school.kids in my poems. Joan G

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