Tre Piani embraces Sunday brunch and dinner

Eggs & Mozzarella

Eggs & Mozzarella

Tre Piani restaurant is offering Sunday brunch from Noon to 4:00pm, followed by a $24.95 Sunday dinner from 4:00 to 7:00pm. I always complain that there’s not much in the way of interesting breakfast or brunch dishes in our area, and chef/owner Jim Weaver’s offerings – which include a favorite comfort dish of my own – the baked eggs – help solve that problem nicely.

At brunch, from 12 to 4 pm, there will be a dozen heartwarming items, including:

– Eggs and mozzarella “alla diavola” baked in a terracotta pot with spicy tomato sauce

– Pizzette with fontina, bacon, egg and truffle

– Pizzette with smoked salmon

– Mascarpone-fried Italian toast with berries, berry purée, and whipped cream

Italian French Toast

Italian Toast

There will be also lighter fare and vegetarian dishes to satisfy every member of the family.

Following the brunch will be a fixed-price three-course Sunday Dinner, with classic Italian Sunday dishes like meatballs, fried calamari, lasagna, pasta, and much more (4 to 7 pm, $24.95 per person).

The Sunday meals fit right into Jim’s mission to nourish (and nurture) his community. “Families want to gather around food that’s made with care and appeals to everyone,” says chef/owner Jim Weaver. “That’s why we will be serving Sunday brunch followed by Italian-style family dinners on Sundays.”

As another service to the community, Jim is hosting a Slow Food Central New Jersey winter farmers market on Sunday, March 1 from 10:00am to 2:00pm. “We continue to support our farmers and food artisans,” he says. “We want to provide a warm and welcoming place where families can enjoy local delicacies, meet our local farmers, and learn where their food comes from.” See more details here:

Also, come summer, Tre Piani will participate in the second season of the Princeton Forrestal Village Farmers Market, which has been dubbed “The Gourmet Market,” with grab-and-go lunch items, Tre Piani’s fresh mozzarella, house-fermented pickles, and more (June 5 to September 25, 11 am-2 pm, right outside the restaurant).


One thought on “Tre Piani embraces Sunday brunch and dinner

  1. Faith, thanks for bringing our talented and generous Jim Weaver (founder of Slow Food Central Jersey) to the forefront of consciousness, as he so richly deserves. I’m intrigued by breakfast/brunch items never considered, and his family emphasis in that meal and the later ones to follow.

    Hoping to attend Jim’s Farm Market, March 1 – even as others will be at D&R Greenway on Feb. and March 14. Never too often to partake of Bobolink breads and cheeses alone, to say nothing of living lettuce from Terhune’s.

    Meet me there?

    best, c

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