And the winners are….

Signboard courtesy of Chris Cirkus, WWCFM Manager

Signboard courtesy of Chris Cirkus, WWCFM Manager

The results are in from today’s Peach Pie Contest at the West Windsor Community Farmers Market.

Best Tasting Pie went to Christina Krowicki; Prettiest Pie to Annette Osterlund; Most Creative Pie to Christina Krowicki. Runners Up: Best Tasting Sandy Duffy, Prettiest Kathryn Daniels, Most Creative Sandy Duffy. (For some great photos, visit the Market’s Facebook page.)

Last year’s winner went on to win the title of Best North Jersey Peach Pie in the state competition held by the NJ Peach Promotion Council. That makes the WWCFM sort of a “feeder event” for the statewide contest, much like beauty pageant systems where local event winners move on to state and national events. Only these beauties are delicious, seasonal, pies! (When I get some recipes, I’ll be sure to post them for you.)

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