I wish you a merry Christmas and a spicy New Year

Merry Christmas 2015

My holiday wish is for peace on earth.

2 thoughts on “I wish you a merry Christmas and a spicy New Year

  1. Yes, yes – let us have peace on earth. Faith, thanks so much for your wonderful thoughts about food and fellowship. I’m with you all the way.
    Joan Goldstein

  2. DEAR Faith, What a charming image and heartfelt message! Wise and good of you to send it out into the stratosphere. We had a fire ceremony at D&R Greenway lately, with the Voices Chorale Concert connected with our powerful EarthFire Exhibition. During the chorale, we wrote our wishes for the earth on papers, which were consigned to the fire outside on the bluestone terrace. My wishes were for Peace and Preservation. We are always so aligned, you and I.

    blessings and may your wish be granted! c

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