August Best Bites

Here’s my (late) roundup of August’s Best Bites.

I had sandwiches (lobster roll three times!), eggs Benedict, peach pie, and lots of salads with JerseyFresh ingredients. I couldn’t resist melting a slice of pepper jack cheese on top of my chicken tortilla soup, and I found pink lemons at FreshDirect (they seem slightly sweeter than regular, just as with grapefruit). I also made swoon-worthy tahini/halvah brownies and a cute little ginger cookie icebox cake for a Packet column. All in all, a good month, considering I hid out from the heat at home many days.

4 thoughts on “August Best Bites

  1. Yum! I was recently invited to the home of a family of Sufi origin and offered the most delicious food mostly from their own organic garden: stuffed eggplants with rice; stuffed grape leaves, the greenest of grapes. It was a heavenly evening with Persian tea. There is much to be said about garden foods. And you say it, Faith.
    Joan Goldstein

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