August Recipe of the Month-those darn zucchini!

August Recipe of the Month-those darn zucchini!

20160817_160436I am so excited to have signed up for weekly vegetables from River Road Gardens, a small organic farm very close to where I live in Montgomery. The clincher? They deliver!

But then, predictably, I had way more zucchini than I anticipated, especially since summer squash is not a favorite of mine. But, thinking I had enjoyed my father’s sausage-stuffed zucchini  boats in years past, I searched for a casserole version of that. And found plenty, of course.

I chose this one on the Better Homes & Gardens website, caving in to the old-time comfort of condensed soup as an ingredient. It also allowed me to use up other things lurking in my pantry and freezer.

In the end, I made a few changes (and a smaller quantity). I had loose pork sage sausage and a link of hot Italian sausage in the freezer, so used those rather than the turkey sausage called for.

20160819_185317I had Healthy Request cream of chicken soup in the pantry (shocking, right?), and rather than have an awkward amount leftover (due to my smaller baking dish) dumped the whole thing in, figuring it would compensate for having less than the amount of sour cream called for. It worked out fine.

The clincher was that this recipe used purchased stuffing cubes and I had those on hand too, needing to be used up.

I cut two medium zucchini into half moons and when I added them to the skillet, I cooked them longer than called for, so they’d shrink down some. Otherwise they wouldn’t have fit into the square baking dish I used. A layer of stuffing, a layer of zucchini/sausage, and a finishing layer of stuffing. Bake in oven. Done and done!



6 thoughts on “August Recipe of the Month-those darn zucchini!

  1. Zucchini bread is a great way to use it up. Once the bread is done, you can freeze for use later. I used to have a great recipe from Marion Morash years ago, it used about 3 cups of shredded zucchini.

    • Yes, thank you, although I myself am not a fan of zucchini (or banana) bread. I did consider making zucchini-chocolate bread (which I had once and liked), but decided to go savory instead.

  2. Faith, I love Zucchini spaghetti made of thin strips with olive oil and spices to your liking. The work is only to strip the pieces of the Z so thin they curl over like pasta.
    from Joan Goldstein

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