Two months of Best Bites

I’ve been terrible about posting, and have missed even my regular Best Bites and Recipe of the Month lately. Maybe it’s our troubling political scene, maybe it’s having only one print deadline a month now, but I’m running out of steam when it comes to food writing although my interest in how we shop, cook, and eat remains high. I also think that the “instant gratification” of frequent Facebook posts give me an easy outlet for musings on food. (And, yes, politics.)

Nonetheless, I’ve thrown together a little gallery, below, of food shots lingering on my phone. I’ll try to post a recipe soon, too, although I’ve done little scratch cooking due to a long-running cold that I’ve only recently vanquished. Onward!



















3 thoughts on “Two months of Best Bites

  1. I recognize some of those tempting treats. Isn’t it wondrous how basic ingredients can combine to make so many diverse and delicious dishes?

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