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Cheap Eats

Cheap Eats

I am getting on my bandwagon today, because this topic just keeps hitting me in the face lately. I’ve read a few of the books out there about the true cost of cheap food, and cheap products in general.  Like so many things that seem wonderful at first glance, that “too good to be true” … Continue reading

This one’s for you J.!

How did I end up “at” the King Tut Drive-in?  I emailed an old friend to wish him a happy birthday and asked where he was spending the winter.  Sometimes he leaves the cold northern states for exotic warmer climes during the winter. His response: Thank you very much for the thought and greeting. I am … Continue reading


I hadn’t thought of, much less made, buffalo wings for so long. But then I saw them on our Café menu at work. I had every intention of having them, but ended home sick that day. The thought wouldn’t leave me, however, so I bought some wings and made my own, using the recipe below.  … Continue reading

I Confess

From jerky to a fast food burger at Wendy’s – what’s come over me?  This is what sometimes happens when I’m out doing endless errands on the weekend and didn’t bring lunch with me.  It was way past lunchtime and I had to have something and it had to be fast.  I pulled into a Wendy’s drive … Continue reading