This one’s for you J.!

King Tut Drive-inHow did I end up “at” the King Tut Drive-in?  I emailed an old friend to wish him a happy birthday and asked where he was spending the winter.  Sometimes he leaves the cold northern states for exotic warmer climes during the winter.

His response: Thank you very much for the thought and greeting. I am in Egypt at the moment . Went to the Egyptian Museum today. Saw King Tut burial mask. Later had a King Tut burger with fries. …Be well. cheers, J. 

A King Tut Burger? Was he kidding? So I googled that and found this, for one thing, at the top of the results.  Love the blog, a new one to me, Chopped Onion explores diners and drive-ins, mostly across the southern states depending on where blogger Phil Lambert is traveling.  He describes the eponymous burger as: “King Tut burger topped with cheese, mustard, ketchup and onions. The burger and its homemade bun were excellent!”  This is his photo too.

But I’ll be interested to learn if they really do sell something called a King Tut Burger near the Egyptian Museum, and what makes it a King Tut Burger. Gold leaf?  Who knows?!

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