Roasted Sausages & Grapes

Sausages and grapes

O.M.G. this was so delicious!  I always mean to make this, and maybe even did ages ago, although I might be confusing that with the simpler roasting of Italian sausages in red wine.  (I think I have Pat Tanner to thank for that method.)

Whatever, I had some nice looking sweet Italian sausage from Dolce & Clemente’s in Robbinsville at home, and noticed packs of red and green grapes at Trader Joe’s (so much for seasonal eating), and bingo! I jumped online at home and found the perfect recipe at (which I promptly cut in half, at least, and it was still three servings).

This has basalmic vinegar added at the end, as you thicken the pan juices, and that is the magic touch. The caramelized sweetness that results is fantastic, and next time I’ll be sure to buy hot sausages, too, as I can Just taste those flavors dancing on my tongue.  Spice and sweet, oh my!

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