Baked Eggs

baked eggsThis is so simple, I wonder that I don’t think of making it more often.  As usual, it was Mark Bittman in the New York Times who reminded me.  It’s always you, Mark!

His recipe had a slice of tomato in the bottom, something I took the trouble to make a special trip to the market for, since I don’t usually keep tomatoes on hand in the winter.  It ws worth a stop, although in a pinch I suppose you could use a bit of sundried tomato in oil, or even canned tomato.

I didn’t have any prosciutto, so just skipped that, but did add a slug of the really good cream I had in the fridge.  And since I wanted two eggs, I doubled up and just added a few minutes to the baking time.

Sometimes things like this (i.e. baked custard and the ilk) call for a hot water bath, but not this recipe, which makes it soooo much easier.  Another triumph in the kitchen, thanks to Bitty.

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