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I vote for lamb. And who’s serving Easter dinner (UPDATED)…

I vote for lamb. And who’s serving Easter dinner (UPDATED)…

Spring may have arrived with snow, but soon enough we’ll be frolicking through the meadows. Those meadows always make me think of lamb, which is usually my choice for Easter dinner (and, of course, it’s popular for Passover, too).  But in a recent article in the New York Times, Julia Moskin bemoaned America’s reluctance to embrace lamb. It … Continue reading

Sunday Cooking

This was the rest of my Sunday cooking spree that produced the butternut squash soup in my previous post. A busy day! I made the Brussels Sprouts slaw here with shredded sprouts from Trader Joes (so convenient!), throwing in some carrot I needed to use up. I used just a smidge of a mustardy mayonnaise … Continue reading

Congratulations to Mo C Mo C

Congratulations (and kudos) to Mo C Mo C Japanese Cuisine on Tulane St. in Princeton for the nice review by Karla Cook in today’s New York Times. I’ve dined there a couple of times now, and posted the first time.  And I can attest to the bounty of the chirashi dish that is pictured in the review.  it was a very … Continue reading

Baked Eggs

This is so simple, I wonder that I don’t think of making it more often.  As usual, it was Mark Bittman in the New York Times who reminded me.  It’s always you, Mark! His recipe had a slice of tomato in the bottom, something I took the trouble to make a special trip to the market … Continue reading

Soul Soup

When I was sick over Thanksgiving weekend, my friend (and neighbor) Joan sent me an offer I couldn’t refuse: “How about lunch?  I made my favorite red lentil soup – I can bring you a cup in a couple of minutes. Made with fresh ingredients, olive oil and fresh lemon. Just say yes. Okay?” SURE!  I emailed … Continue reading

Local Ghee

Congratulations to Pure Indian Foods, makers of organic ghee, which you will find at local farmers markets, for their July 21 write-up in the New York Times.  There’s always something interesting in Florence Fabricant’s Food Stuff column, all the more so when it features a local company. I first found Pure Indian Foods at one … Continue reading

Congrats, Congrats, and Wow

Congratulations to Elements restaurant in Princeton for their well-deserved “Don’t Miss” review in The New York Times today.  And, nestled right next to it, in the print edition, a very nice Quick Bite piece on another favorite spot of mine, the Blue Rooster Bakery & Café in Cranbury. That takes care of the Congrats, Congrats.  … Continue reading

A Smarter Choice

Well, glory be, the Smart Choices program I recently posted about is bowing to pressure and more or less suspending operations.  In an article this morning in the New York Times, we learn that some of the food manufacturers who were participating are pulling out amid public and governmental pressure.  The program allowed certain products … Continue reading

Shout-out to Eno Terra!

Congratulations to Eno Terra, which got an Excellent review in the New York Times today – it’s great to see the vision of the Momo brothers, the skills of Chef Christopher Albrecht, and the hard work of all their staff recognized!