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Roasted Sausages & Grapes

O.M.G. this was so delicious!  I always mean to make this, and maybe even did ages ago, although I might be confusing that with the simpler roasting of Italian sausages in red wine.  (I think I have Pat Tanner to thank for that method.) Whatever, I had some nice looking sweet Italian sausage from Dolce & Clemente’s … Continue reading

Seafood Salad

This summery seafood salad is from Dolce & Clemente’s Italian Market in Robbinsville, and it tasted as good as it looks. Last time I checked, their planned cafe, Tavola Calda, in the same complex, was not open yet but hopefully they are now, or will be soon.  If you travel to LBI via Rte. 526, you … Continue reading

Cappellini Pie

Yum.  And what a surprise.  I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I took home a piece of Cappellini Pie from Dolce & Clemente’s a few weeks ago.  In the prepared foods case (and theirs is amazing), it was cold, so I was hoping it would not be dry. I need not have worried, … Continue reading

Beautiful Burrata

If you like fresh mozzarella cheese, chances are you’ll love burrata.  I first spied this creamy treat from the Puglia region of Italy on one of Lidia Bastianich’s PBS shows, probably “Lidia’s Italy.”  She cut into what looked like a ball of mozzarella and a creamy interior spilled out onto, if I am remembering correctly, a … Continue reading

Terrific Torrone

Italian torrone is a sweet of ancient origin I fondly remember from childhood as being appealingly exotic (and darned sweet).  It is a nougat made with egg whites, honey, sugar, and nuts, and the kind we used to get at Christmas was wrapped in edible rice paper wafers.  Each piece was in a pretty little box.  I wish … Continue reading