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July’s Best Bites (and into August…)

I’m late doing my July wrap-up, so have included a few photos from early August, too, although they are in no particular order. From hot dogs with First Field Jersey Relish to Foie Gras enjoyed at the bar at the Peacock Inn (sooo relaxing there), it was a great month. I especially enjoyed getting to … Continue reading

Meat is killing it in Chicago (and artisanal trumps farm-to-table)

Meat is killing it in Chicago (and artisanal trumps farm-to-table)

Aha! The recent food trend charts published by confirm what I’d been thinking to myself – there’s a certain amount of “message fatigue” when it comes to the whole farm-to-table thing (inevitable, although it doesn’t invalidate the concept), but we are increasingly interested in small-batch artisan-produced food products, like the house made pickles so many restaurants are … Continue reading

Recent Reads

The Princeton Packet  (@PrincetonPacket) recently tweeted their followers to ask what they’ve been reading this summer. Loyal Packet freelancer (and print subscriber) that I am, I responded with My Life in Middlemarch by Rebecca Mead, lots of Anthony Trollope (working my way through his novels on my Kindle), and I added that I’d also read a few foodie … Continue reading

Food in the News

Food in the News

It seems that each day brings more troubling news about our food supply. Mind you, we in this country, at least in its more affluent areas, are surrounded by excellent food and food sources. It’s just that you increasingly have to educate yourself, and maybe go out of your way and pay more, to access them. … Continue reading

Tortoni – The Rest of the Story

Tortoni – The Rest of the Story

My May 30 In The Kitchen column hasn’t been posted on the Packet website yet, so I am pasting in the text below. And I want to tell you the rest of the story. (Update: the story now appears here.) My friend’s mother’s book, The Friendly Cook, has now been published and is for sale on … Continue reading

Meant to be

It would seem there was always a restaurant critic locked inside me, waiting to come out. I had to laugh when I recently came across my handwritten notes from a dinner I enjoyed, back in 1993, at Luchento’s Ristorante, on Route 33 in Milllstone. The place (under different ownership now), was legendary for its huge portions … Continue reading

Tasting menus taken to task

Don’t miss Pete Well’s great piece about the proliferation of tasting menus menus in today’s New York Times. It’s an interesting subject to someone like myself, who has usually ordered à la carte, but is noticing more and more tasting menus with grand ambitions, including locally – the Peacock Inn has pretty much totally moved to that, as … Continue reading

FYI – Dine With Pat

In case you didn’t know, my food writing colleague Pat Tanner has her own blog now, Dine With Pat.  She’s writing about food and dining in the Garden State, and I know we’ll all be royally entertained, as it lets us hear more of her own “voice” than is expressed when one is writing for … Continue reading