July’s Best Bites (and into August…)

I’m late doing my July wrap-up, so have included a few photos from early August, too, although they are in no particular order. From hot dogs with First Field Jersey Relish to Foie Gras enjoyed at the bar at the Peacock Inn (sooo relaxing there), it was a great month. I especially enjoyed getting to know Rachel Weston, the Star Ledger’s Gutsy Gourmet and In Season columnist over lunch at Morgan’s Island Grill in Hightstown, where we enjoyed wonderfully spicy jerk chicken and goat curry. And the slice of – go figure – Italian Rum Cake I took home wasn’t bad either!

I’ve been having fun with salads (words I wouldn’t normally say!), including my go-to watermelon salad this summer. The one pictured here is made with arugula, but I more often use cucumber. So easy:  watermelon, cucumber, feta, mint, and lime juice. That’s IT! There are more involved versions out there, but I like to keep it simple so each flavor shines, and you’re not spending a moment more in the kitchen than you really need to. Now, go outside and play!

(Just click on any photo to start slideshow.)

One thought on “July’s Best Bites (and into August…)

  1. Yummm! and I can testify to the excellence of your watermelon/cucumber combination — refreshing, vivid and memorable.

    Thanks for inspiring us, Faith.

    I, too, have been having fun with salads — normally my least favorite part of a meal.

    Lettuces from Brick Farm Market have so much flavor and aroma, they fill the kitchen with fresh–picked scents even as you tear the leaves into the bowl.

    Almost anything goes well with such hefty, hearty greenery — my most memorable experiment was slicing previously sauteed ever so slightly, then chilled) farmstand (Dey Road) tiny bright purple eggplant chunks into a potpourri of tomatoes.

    I’ve been serving salads to guests with the Brick Farm lettuces in all their glory in the olive wood bowl, and the tomatoes, garden cucumber, this eggplant, etc, previously marinated in Trader Joe’s olive oil and balsamic, in another. It’s pretty, can be done ahead without ruining anything, and people have exactly what they like.

    Yes, fresh basil from a gift plant for my new place — hefty basil, who would’ve thunk it.

    Salad converts, that’s what we are!



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