FYI – Dine With Pat

In case you didn’t know, my food writing colleague Pat Tanner has her own blog now, Dine With Pat.  She’s writing about food and dining in the Garden State, and I know we’ll all be royally entertained, as it lets us hear more of her own “voice” than is expressed when one is writing for someone else’s publication.

Pat with MealwormPat’s tastes are broad and very democratic. It was she, not I, who was brave enough to try a roasted mealworm at a 2004 Museum of Natural History event about bugs, pronouncing it “very tasty!” (You didn’t think I was going to show her face, did you?)

She “broke me in” when I started writing about food, generously sharing tips and information with me.  As for her wide-ranging culinary interests, she always knows what’s going on.  To wit, her current post about Marge Simpson (of The Simpsons TV show) being a food blogger – I would never  have known about this episode, not being a regular viewer, but now I will be tuning in tomorrow (Sunday) at 8:00pm (Fox).  As a fellow food blogger, Pat says, “Personally, I fully expect to be stricken with self-recognition and loathing.”  Pat, I’ll be cowering right along with you!

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