D’Angelo Market

D'Angelo CookiesI am embarrassed to admit I only recently got to D’Angelo Italian Market in downtown Princeton for the first time.  (All the more surprising since I was on the judging panel that voted their White Chocolate Raspberry pie the pro-category winner last Pi-Day.)

But here I was, on the way to meet a friend for dinner and running a little early, so I stopped in.  I did not leave empty-handed.

Aside from the assortment of Italian-style cookies you see here, I was very pleased to find guanciale and soppressata from Salumeria Belliese in Brooklyn.  It’s near impossible to find guanciale (from the pig jowl) although I can usually find pancetta (from the pig belly) in good markets.

I’ve bought Salumeria Belliese products at the Slow Food Indoor Markets in the winter, but they don’t usually bring guanciale or pancetta to those, just their cured salamis and prosciuttos.  They make their artisan products with high-quality Berkshire hogs from the tri-state area, using old-world methods.  Thank you D’Angelo, for carrying such a nice selection of their products!

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