Birthday CakeWhat a day I had for my birthday (a really big one folks!).

I took my special day off work, but discovered some scheduling and email issues first thing in the morning, and spent some time putting related fires out.

Then I got a call that my father had slipped out of his wheelchair in assisted living (he was fine, but they have to let you know).

Then I got emails and calls from his lawyer who is reviewing the sale contract on his house (yea, finally!).  Then ditto from the folks who are going to put on a tag/estate sale for us (check them out at

So, when was the ME time going to start? I realized it was nearly noon and I hadn’t even eaten breakfast.  So I had some yogurt and bolted out the door to Wegmans, as I had not found time to go there for at least a couple of months, and I needed some treats (and to stock up on nice greeting cards).

Found lots of treats, including bacon-wrapped scallops and some kind of lobster dip (with visible lobster pieces), and decided that would be dinner, since I just didn’t feel like cooking.  (Don’t worry, friends have bookended my mid-week birthday with weekend dinners, so I will celebrate plenty!)  But cake…I had to have cake.  So here is my Wegmans Ultimate Chocolate Cake, in the nice mini-size.  Can I tell the truth?  I bought a little carrot cake too.

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