Sloppy Joes

Sloppy JoesMaybe I should have bought the stuff in the packet.  Every now and then I get a yen for a dish from my childhood. I used to love Sloppy Joes, and hadn’t had it in years.

So I googled some recipes, checked my Joy of Cooking, and came up with this.  It wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t particularly good.  My first mistake was probably in using tomato sauce instead of paste.

But also, I am sure my childhood Sloppy Joes, from the cafeteria in public school, was full of salt and other dubious things.  Instead, I used all fresh ingredients, and locally raised ground beef.  Maybe next time I’ll check out those packets of dried mix in the supermarket, although I have a feeling that once I read the ingredient list I’ll back down from trying that. But you never know, I found some better taco mixes in McCaffrey’s Market, with ingredients that didn’t seem so bad, so maybe there’s a better version of Sloppy Joe makings out there.

Wait! This just in!  I must once again be ahead of a food trend, because look what I just found at Williams- Sonoma online. Amazing.

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