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Roasted Spring Onions

I wrote about this recipe, from the new edition of Canal House Cooking (Vol. No. 3), a few weeks ago. In that post, I said I’d be haunting the produce section of Whole Earth Center to find these young onions, and, sure enough, when I remembered to check one day, they had gorgeous red ones. … Continue reading

End of Summer Salad

Sigh.  Tomato season, and tomatoes at all, were so fleeting this year.  But here’s a little homage to good tomato (a Rainbow from Whole Foods, sadly not so local) sliced onto a bed of lettuce and parsley, sprinkled with shallot, and lightly dressed in olive oil and lemon juice. I do have several small Early Girls on … Continue reading

Tomato Time

The Early Girl tomato plant on my balcony is finally giving me a steady supply of nice, if small, tomatoes.  They had blossom end rot early on due to all the damp weather, but they recovered nicely. And I’ve been lucky to be spared late-blight, maybe because I bought an organic plant from Whole Foods, and … Continue reading

Rainbeau Ridge, Striving for Sustainability

Lest we forget, there is a Slow Food Convivia (chapter) on the campus at Princeton University.  They are hosting a talk about sustainable farming on Tuesday night (details below), and sent me the following information: Rainbeau Ridge Organic Farm in Bedford Hills, NY prides itself on helping people make the connection — to nature, food, … Continue reading

Veggie Victory at the White House!

Slow Foodies rejoice!  We finally have an in-your-face vegetable garden at the White House, thanks to the Obamas.  It did this heart good to see Michelle out there digging away with the obligatory gaggle of kids from a local school, setting an example for all of us. I dare to hope this really does signal a … Continue reading