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Summer Salads

Summer Salads

I’m not much on labor-intensive salads, unless it can also do double-duty as a main dish with the addition of a protein. Salads are usually on the side for me, and usually eaten after my main course. That evolved because I tended to eat the main course (i.e. protein) first, then I’d look at that bowl … Continue reading

Fire Roasted Tomato Salsa + A Rosh Hashanah Special

I love getting emails from locals businesses with a recipe (& a photo will pretty much clinch the deal!). The senders seem genuinely excited about their latest creation. Here are two recipes I’ve recently received, one from Chef Will Mooney at Brothers Moon in Hopewell, and the other from Mrs. G TV, Appliances and Sleep Center. From Chef Will: … Continue reading

Sunday Cooking

This was the rest of my Sunday cooking spree that produced the butternut squash soup in my previous post. A busy day! I made the Brussels Sprouts slaw here with shredded sprouts from Trader Joes (so convenient!), throwing in some carrot I needed to use up. I used just a smidge of a mustardy mayonnaise … Continue reading

My go-to salad

After all the pie I sampled as a Pi Day judge in Princeton, I’d better clean up my act! This is my go-to salad lately, with dried cranberries, glazed walnuts, and (sometimes) a little bleu cheese.  I dress it simply with olive oil and white balsamic vinegar.  It works well with arugula, spring mix, or butter/bib lettuce. … Continue reading