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Bostock Rocked My World

Bostock Rocked My World

(This article appeared in the February 27 print edition of the Packet, but never went online, so I am publishing it below.) Bostock Rocked My World I’m not exactly sure where I first came across bostock, but I believe it was at either salon.com or the kitchn.com. This take on baked French toast does seem … Continue reading

Bread Pudding

I’ve never been fond of the kind of bread pudding made with raisins, which includes most restaurant versions.  Aside from not being a fan of raisins (except for golden or flame), I don’t care for the heaviness of most renditions I’ve sampled.  But somewhere along the way I came across a light-hearted version made with … Continue reading

Craquelin Brioche

Run, do not walk, to Wegmans to buy a loaf of the Craquelin Brioche bread pictured in the photo, on the left (that is sourdough next to it on the right, also quite good).  I suspect the brioche, which cost $5, will be a holiday item, and will cry when/if it is no longer offered (hint, … Continue reading