Craquelin Brioche

Craquelin & Sour DoughRun, do not walk, to Wegmans to buy a loaf of the Craquelin Brioche bread pictured in the photo, on the left (that is sourdough next to it on the right, also quite good).  I suspect the brioche, which cost $5, will be a holiday item, and will cry when/if it is no longer offered (hint, hint to Wegmans!).

Craquelin Brioche is, according to Wikipedia, “…a type of Belgian brioche that is filled with citrus marinated sugar cubes.”

While the Wegmans version lacks the citrus touch, there are, indeed pockets of crunchy sugar in my loaf (you can see one if you look closely at that air pocket), sugar that became molten during baking, then hardened when cooled.  It is also the airiest brioche I’ve ever had, and it makes spectacular melt-in-your-mouth toast.

Winter BreakfastThe second photo was my breakfast on this blustery, cold, Sunday morning.  I spread whipped sweet butter and some of Sarabeth’s Orange-Apricot marmalade on that brioche, served with nitrite-free apple wood smoked bacon and Cherry Grove Farm eggs.  No wonder I like winter!

What a hostess gift this would make – a loaf of brioche, European style cultured butter, a jar of good preserves – and you’re done for $15 or less.

3 thoughts on “Craquelin Brioche

  1. Faith is right on target! Run is quite adequate and cry to if you don’t find this available at Wegman’s. I first last month (April,2010). Melt in your mouth goodness. This mini indulgence is worth the $5 and again I agree that it also would make a nice hostess gift or even packed amongs other delicacies in a gift food basket. It’s simply delicious – I call this Mom’s treat, the children know not to bother mine, get their own. (smile) It is that good!

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