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Behold NJ Cheese

This year I used all New Jersey cheeses for my cheese trays on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  These five cheeses got rave reviews; each one had something special to offer.  Even that little mouse on the Cherry Grove Brie in the upper left was excited!  (The sixth, in the bowl, was my homemade ricotta. I … Continue reading


I take my father to my brother and sister-in-law’s for Christmas Eve, so am putting up a couple photos from a past year.  They set a beautiful table without fail (the tree is gorgeous too). The second photo (right) is my brother’s seared tuna loin.  It is just amazing, so rich that you could swear you … Continue reading

Artichoke Ravioli and Roasted Squash

This was a hasty dinner one night, but a delicious one. I’d bought the artichoke ravioli at Trader Joe’s after tasing a sample in the store. I’m not a big ravioli person (the pasta is usually too thick), but this seemed pretty good, especially with the shaved parmesan on top, as served in store. I don’t … Continue reading


Give me a break!  I know food has become more politically charged than ever before, especially with all the agitating some of us (ahem!) are doing on our national food issues, school lunches, etc.  But it does seem absurd to me that the U.S. wanted to raise the tariff starting today on Roquefort cheese as a way to … Continue reading

Beautiful Burrata

If you like fresh mozzarella cheese, chances are you’ll love burrata.  I first spied this creamy treat from the Puglia region of Italy on one of Lidia Bastianich’s PBS shows, probably “Lidia’s Italy.”  She cut into what looked like a ball of mozzarella and a creamy interior spilled out onto, if I am remembering correctly, a … Continue reading

Say Cheese

I just go cheese-crazy at holidays, and often put together rather elaborate cheese trays for family dinners. Sometimes I get the camera out to document the tray, as I did here a few years ago – but not until we’d already made inroads! The cheeses here were a blue (Maytag?) and Wensleydale with cranberries in front, … Continue reading