Artichoke Ravioli and Roasted Squash

Pasta and squashThis was a hasty dinner one night, but a delicious one. I’d bought the artichoke ravioli at Trader Joe’s after tasing a sample in the store. I’m not a big ravioli person (the pasta is usually too thick), but this seemed pretty good, especially with the shaved parmesan on top, as served in store.

I don’t make a sauce for something like this, preferring to just melt a little butter and olive oil in a frying pan on the side, then briefly sautéeing the cooked ravioli in that, sometimes letting it get slightly crisped on the bottom.

I also had leftover roasted butternut squash (I toss it with olive oil and sage, and roast in a shallow sheet pan), which I tossed in the fying pan, to the side of the ravioli. A handful of spinach I needed to use up also went in.  This turned out to be a very good dinner. 

And what’s that you see in the upper right of the photo?  I must confess, it’s another treat from Trader Joe’s, house brand of burrata cheese, the mozzarella balls filled with cream.  A bargan at $4.99 (for two small orbs), believe me, I’ve paid a lot more for this delicacy.  I needed to use it up, so added it to the plate, which was, admittedly, gilding the lily!

One thought on “Artichoke Ravioli and Roasted Squash

  1. I too have discovered Trader Joe’s – love their whole wheat muffins – (oops! nearly gone again,)the Irish Instant Oatmeal, and tins of wild caught fish; so I plan my drive home from the college for a stopping off. But, I’ve become so ecclectic in my food shopping that I spend some time at Whole Foods, Whole Earth, Terhune’s, and Shop Rite too. What a busy life just to cook and consume healthy, tasty fare. But that’s what it takes -time and attention, and as a bonus, I have great conversations with fellow customers – some I’ve known forever, and others never met before. On a recent sunny day at Terhune’s, I chatted with a woman who said, “Too bad we can’t go for coffee and talk some more.” I suggested that the farm store sells coffee and apple cider, so we took our cups outside, sat on the porch, ignored their giant apple-munching dogs, and soaked up some November sunshine. I don’t imagine that happens much at Burger King. Thanks for all the inside stuff. Joan Goldstein

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