Film for Foodies

The Princeton Public Library’s “Film for Foodies” series kicks off on November 10 with a screening of “Big Night” at 6:00pm. 

“Big Night” is the movie set in New Jersey in the 1950s that made a classic over-the-top Italian dish, Timbale, famous.  (See a nice photo of one and recipe at The Hungrey Blogger.)

Continuing throughout the winter with the movies “Babette’s Feast” (December 15) and “Like Water for Chocolate” (January 20), the free series is co-sponsored by Mediterra restaurant in Palmer Square.

Those attending the films will receive a voucher redeemable for discounts on post-screening dining at Mediterra. Wine and tapas in the restaurant’s Taverna will be discounted and the mid-course of a film-inspired dinner will be included at no charge.  

This is marketing genius! Get everyone hungry watching amazing food shots, and then send them down the street in starving droves to the restaurant – I love it!

For details and reservations, call Mediterra at (609) 252-9680.

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