Panna Cotta

panna cottaPanna Cotta means “cooked cream.”  If you check out the link to the Wikipedia page on this traditional Italian dessert, you’ll see a photo showing panna cotta with blackberry sauce.

My friend Vesna, who made the version pictured here on the left, went that chef one better I think.  She had full-of-flavor Concord grapes to use up. So she cooked and strained them, then reduced that with some red wine and a splash of balsamic vinegar.  Her simple vanilla panna cotta with that sauce was fabulous.

I am always reluctant to deal with gelatin, which is required for this dessert, but she says it’s really quite simple, so I plan to give it a try soon.  Like so many other things we avoid in the kitchen, once you try it, you wonder why you waited so long!

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