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Darling Dumplings

Every culture seems to have its version of dumplings, but for me it’s all about the Chinese repertoire, which is extensive.  It started, for me, with potstickers.  It was love at first bite, lo those many years ago – so many that I’m not quite sure where or when that was. But I also enjoy … Continue reading

A visit to Margaret Kuo’s

On a recent Sunday afternoon my friends, cookbook author Angela Chang and her husband Humphrey, took me to a very nice lunch at Margaret Kuo’s in Wayne, PA.  I had been here a few years previously, when Martin Yan hosted a special The Book & The Cook dinner event. The dynamic Ms. Kuo also owns three … Continue reading

Xin Nian Kuai Le!

Happy Chinese New Year! I’ve written and blogged about my dear friend Angela Chang for years, most recently after the delicious New Year’s Eve dinner we shared just a few short weeks ago. Here’s your chance to meet her and discover her cookbook, The Intriguing World of Chinese Home Cooking.  She’ll be at Chicklet Books in the … Continue reading

American New Year, Chinese Style

The Chinese Lunar New Year may not be until January 26, but thanks to my friends Angela and Humphrey Chang (she is a cookbook author, see my post of July 27), we celebrated the Western New Year with Chinese food. Up Route 27 we went on a frigid and windy night, to the cozy Szechuan … Continue reading