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Roasted Pork Belly

I finally cooked pork belly.  This could be dangerous.  I was at the Amish Market in Kingston and noticed they had it, and at only $2.29 a pound.  Of course, mind you, this is another story of a once cheap cut (usually cured for salt pork or bacon) that is now the darling of up-market … Continue reading

Pork Belly

This is one of the many courses I enjoyed last month at the Raul Perez wine dinner at Mediterra.  I read so much about pork belly, but never seem to find it on local menus.  So I (along with about 45 other people) was very happy to see it in front of me that evening, … Continue reading

Wine Mania (and some beer, too)

I am getting more and more emails each week about wine dinners and tasting events in the Princeton area.  These events are all the rage, and many of them seem to sell out quickly, even in this economy.  I think it’s the “value added” aspect of them.  Not only are you enjoying several courses of well-prepared … Continue reading

Olive Oil Tasting

Last weekend I attended a tasting of organic olive oils at the Whole Earth Center in Princeton.  It was run by Carlo Momo, of the Terra Momo Restaurant Group (Mediterra, etc.). First Carlo discussed olive oil in general (a product, he reminded us, that is not made locally, due to climate).  He discussed what to … Continue reading

Israeli Cuisine at Mediterra

Mediterra restaurant in downtown Princeton has finally, to the relief of many, reopened.  They closed down in January for some necessary work in connection with the Hulfish North construction project going on behind them.  But, hey, the owners thought, it’s time to update the premises anyway, so the work went on for, I think, nearly … Continue reading

Fill ‘er Up!

This is a paella pan. It sits in my kitchen, pristine, unused.  I’ve got to break it in soon!  I’ve got the pan, I’ve got the special Bomba rice, and have been researching and clipping recipes. So on Saturday (Oct. 25), I plan on stopping by Paella en la Plaza, the latest creative culinary event … Continue reading