Fill ‘er Up!

Paella Pan

This is a paella pan. It sits in my kitchen, pristine, unused.  I’ve got to break it in soon!  I’ve got the pan, I’ve got the special Bomba rice, and have been researching and clipping recipes.

So on Saturday (Oct. 25), I plan on stopping by Paella en la Plaza, the latest creative culinary event put on by Mediterra Restaurant in Princeton.

From 11am to 3pm Chef Luis Bollo will be on hand to offer his insights into this classic Catalan dish.  You can sample paella for $5 and Sangria (for age 21 and over) for $5. Such a deal! 

Paella, traditionally cooked over an open fire, used to be more of a country dish than the seaside dish we tend to think of nowadays.  It was made with rabbit and snails, ingredients easily available to all.  Now there are myriad versions, but my mind always goes to chorizo and seafood (and maybe chicken thighs) when I envision the dish I plan to make.  And the rice that forms a crust on the bottom of the paella pan is called soccarat  – a prize that you might have to fight your tablemates for.

Hey Luis, I’m coming and I’m bringing my pan!

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