Mac & Cheese and Pinching Pennies

Mac & CheeseDark days persist.  In my September 17 post, I suggested dark chocolate as an antidote to these hard economic times.  But as the clouds darken, I must go a step further.  It’s time for the kind of comfort that only comes from…macaroni and cheese.

Making your own is the best, of course, but I do think they make a great mac ‘n’ cheese at the hot foods station at the Whole Foods Market.  One day, a version made with bleu cheese was especially outstanding, so I went online and got the recipe.

But I have to admit, I did not use the Rogue Creamery artisan bleu cheese they suggest, but instead used my “standard” classic, Rothkase Buttermilk Bleu

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Rogue Creamery cheese, but, to me, it feels wasteful to cook with it.  So, if you’re watching your pennies, but like your gourmet goodies, this is a sensible place to cut corners.  In the same vein (ouch!) I keep the special olive oil for drizzling on salad or finished dishes, and use plain, non-extra-virgin olive oil for most cooking, especially sautéing, where high heat affects delicate flavors.  And if I want to cook or bake with honey, I’ll usually use a less expensive one, not that fancy schmancy high-end one I drizzle on figs.

How do you foodies out there pinch pennies in the kitchen?  I’d love to hear!

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