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Donna Toscana @ Whole Foods

 Donna Toscana chocolate fans take note!  You may now buy Diane Pinder’s packaged Donna Toscana gourmet bars and chocolates, and her CocoaBee Honey Caramels at the Princeton Whole Foods Market (store does not carry individual chocolates).  This is good news indeed! This makes her third Whole Foods Market launch in New Jersey.  I am running … Continue reading

Meringue & Marjolaine

The kid in me loves meringue.  This big one, with cocoa in it, is from Whole Foods Market; they often have them in the bakery, and I can see splitting them and topping them with berries for a summer dessert, much like a Pavlova. (Sometimes Rory Philipson at Blue Bottle Cafe in Hopewell has a Pavlova … Continue reading


I’m in love.  This is reduced fat chocolate mousse from Whole Foods. It’s made from tofu, chocolate, and brown rice syrup (a low glycemic sweetener).  Until I added that dairy whipped cream, it was vegan, too. It is rich and smooth, with a little bit of crunchy chocolate here and there.  It is just delicious, and … Continue reading

Mac & Cheese and Pinching Pennies

Dark days persist.  In my September 17 post, I suggested dark chocolate as an antidote to these hard economic times.  But as the clouds darken, I must go a step further.  It’s time for the kind of comfort that only comes from…macaroni and cheese. Making your own is the best, of course, but I do think … Continue reading