Vegan MousseI’m in love.  This is reduced fat chocolate mousse from Whole Foods. It’s made from tofu, chocolate, and brown rice syrup (a low glycemic sweetener).  Until I added that dairy whipped cream, it was vegan, too.

It is rich and smooth, with a little bit of crunchy chocolate here and there.  It is just delicious, and it comes in little cups that are sold by weight in the refrigerated packaged food section near the gelato counter.  I’d be be perversely curious to see a nutritional profile of this dessert, as I’m sure there must be a “catch.”  But meanwhile, I’ll indulge.

I’ve started looking for a recipe, and so far found one at, which seems to be all over the Internet.  But I can tell by the bits of chocolate in the Whole Foods version, that theirs is made with solid chocolate, not just cocoa.  Also, I recently found tofu already mixed with cocoa in Stop & Shop, to give you a head start at home.

Chang CookbookMeanwhile, if you’re interested in cooking with tofu, don’t miss Angela Chang’s Tofu Workshop and Culinary Event at the Princeton Public Library on Saturday, October 17, 3-5pm.  Angela will lead her audience on an exploration of tofu culture in China and demystify cooking with tofu.  She will demonstrate  shortcuts to prepare it simply and tastefully, and explain how to handle different kinds of tofu and how to order the best tasting tofu in Chinese restaurants.  Sample tofu dishes from her cookbook will be provided for tasting.  And she’ll sign copies of her cookbook, The Intriguing World of Chinese Home Cooking.  I might add that she has cooked many tofu dishes for me, and I always love them!

One thought on “Mousse-alicious!

  1. You might want to try Alton Brown’s Moo-Less Chocolate Pie (from the cookbook Food Networks Favorites). Chocolate chips, silken tofu, honey, coffee liqueur and vanilla, poured into a chocolate wafer crust. Delish.

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