CoolVines birthday benefits D&R Greenway

Photo: dreamstime.comCoolVines specialty wine (and more) store in Princeton is celebrating their first birthday on October 4 with a fundraising event for and at the D&R Greenway Land Trust on Rosedale Road. 

From 3 to 6pm, you’ll enjoy wine and craft beer tastings, appetizers and desserts, along with music, all for a mere $25, all of which goes to D&R. Get your tickets here and come out for a great time Sunday afternoon!

One thought on “CoolVines birthday benefits D&R Greenway

  1. Dear Faith,

    How grand of you to honor D&R Greenway Land Trust and Cool Vines with this attention on your exciting NJ SPICE! And to give readers a way to purchase tickets right here!

    You are a treasure,

    Warm regards always,


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