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My go-to salad

After all the pie I sampled as a Pi Day judge in Princeton, I’d better clean up my act! This is my go-to salad lately, with dried cranberries, glazed walnuts, and (sometimes) a little bleu cheese.  I dress it simply with olive oil and white balsamic vinegar.  It works well with arugula, spring mix, or butter/bib lettuce. … Continue reading

I Confess

From jerky to a fast food burger at Wendy’s – what’s come over me?  This is what sometimes happens when I’m out doing endless errands on the weekend and didn’t bring lunch with me.  It was way past lunchtime and I had to have something and it had to be fast.  I pulled into a Wendy’s drive … Continue reading


Give me a break!  I know food has become more politically charged than ever before, especially with all the agitating some of us (ahem!) are doing on our national food issues, school lunches, etc.  But it does seem absurd to me that the U.S. wanted to raise the tariff starting today on Roquefort cheese as a way to … Continue reading

Mac & Cheese and Pinching Pennies

Dark days persist.  In my September 17 post, I suggested dark chocolate as an antidote to these hard economic times.  But as the clouds darken, I must go a step further.  It’s time for the kind of comfort that only comes from…macaroni and cheese. Making your own is the best, of course, but I do think … Continue reading