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November is the cruelest month

November is the cruelest month

November is the cruelest month Yes, I know the cruelest month is supposed to be April, but for me it’s November, the month of the time change that plunges us into early darkness. That really cramps my style since I’m not a morning person and not fond of going out when it’s already dark, especially … Continue reading

Lamb steak “Milanese”

I love just about any protein prepared “Milanese” style. That is, a thinnish cut (pounded thinner if necessary), breaded, and fried crisp. I think a squirt of lemon is de rigueur (I like that with chops, too). I used to just see Veal Milanese, here and there, on more traditional Italian menus, but then I spied a … Continue reading

Lunch at One 53 (and a book signing)

I was delighted to learn that One 53 in Rocky Hill was opening for lunch a couple days a week (Thursday and Friday), so just gave it a try with a friend – what a pleasant time we had! I’ve had dinner there several times, and always thought the burgers looked really good, so I tried … Continue reading