Lunch at One 53 (and a book signing)


I was delighted to learn that One 53 in Rocky Hill was opening for lunch a couple days a week (Thursday and Friday), so just gave it a try with a friend – what a pleasant time we had!

I’ve had dinner there several times, and always thought the burgers looked really good, so I tried one and was not disappointed. I ordered it with bleu cheese, and also asked for a little of their truffled mayo for the fries.  It was all excellent, the fries were spot on – thin, crisp, and salty (yes, sometimes I like my salt).  That truffled mayo… sinfully delicious!

My friend ordered another winner, the roast pork sandwich with broccoli rabe and melted provolone. The meat was moist, the thick-sliced bread was slightly toasted, and the result was a wonderful juicy affair.  The menu is small, but compehensive, with several salads and sandwiches, and smaller versions of some of the same pastas and entrées that are on the dinner menu, such as the chicken Milanese, a big favorite that will probably always have to stay on their menu.  

Book CoverAlso, on Thursday, June 11 (6:30pm), there is a talk and book sigining event at the restaurant with Benjamin Wallace, whose book, “The Billionaire’s Vinegar,” is now out in paperback (it will be available for purchase at the event).

The book tells the story of intrigue revolving around a priceless (well, until Malcolm Forbes purchased it for a record $156,000 in 1985) bottle of wine (1787 Lafite), reputedly owned by Thomas Jefferson.  The wine was alledgedly discovered sealed behind a wall with other bottles in a Paris apartment, and… well, you get the idea.  Wallace spent years trying to learn the truth about all the characters involved in the affair, and in the end, the mystery…hey, go to the event and buy the book to find out.

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