Still my favorite

Sugar+Sunshine cupcakesI still like the airy cupcakes at Sugar+Sunshine best of the various ones I’ve tasted over the last year or so. 

I brought these home (chocolate, lemon, mocha, strawberry) after a very pleasant visit to the Plainsboro Village Center Saturday evening. 

My friend and I had a nice dinner (salad and pastas) in the little café inside A&G Italian Fine Foods.  (An acquaintance of hers even shared his wine with us!)  Sitting there, looking out onto the little Market Street where there were also a few sidewalk tables, felt very European.  After dinner we browsed their extensive selection of Italian groceries and prepared foods – so much safer when you’re not hungry!

There is also an Asian Restaurant, ice cream shop, and coffee shop there, and overall it was a very nice way to spend a late spring evening.  And quite family-friendly, too!

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