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Consistency Counts

I keep meaning to share this photo of a delicious entrée my friend had at Main Street European Bistro in the Princeton Shopping Center a few weeks ago.  It is roasted salmon on risotto, with spring pea puree, pea shoots, and pearl onions. It was fabulous, and at $20 a relative bargain. The dish was on their … Continue reading

Barley Risotto

I’ve been meaning to make barley risotto for ages, but just got around to it recently.  It is more or less just like making the rice version (see my post of September 30, 2008), but with barley, the kind with the hull removed.  I used Shiloh Farms hulled barley. I used Mark Bittman’s excellent recipe in … Continue reading

Risotto Rush

As soon as the weather cools, I rush to make risotto.  I know there are summery versions, but to me it is a fall/winter dish, as my favorite risotto includes the rich flavors of pancetta and porcini mushrooms (and sometimes truffle oil).  The one on the left also includes a scattering of other varieties of … Continue reading