Consistency Counts

Salmon and Risotto

I keep meaning to share this photo of a delicious entrée my friend had at Main Street European Bistro in the Princeton Shopping Center a few weeks ago.  It is roasted salmon on risotto, with spring pea puree, pea shoots, and pearl onions. It was fabulous, and at $20 a relative bargain.

The dish was on their May menu, but I see it again for June, along with the Gaucho steak which I enjoyed.  I also love Main Street’s appetizer (or small plate) of corn-crusted fried green tomatoes over frisée with warm bacon vinaigrette.  I wrote about those dishes last year, and am glad they’ve brought them back.

One lesson Main Street exemplifies – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!  I think they know their customers so well at this point, it is as if they’ve gotten inside our minds and know just what will appeal to us.  Of course, good menu writing, an art in itself, comes into this, but I have found that they consistently deliver on the description when the plate hits the table.  Kudos!

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