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Recipe of the Month – Tartiflette

Recipe of the Month – Tartiflette

Recipe of the Month – Tartiflette I read about this dish, which was new to me, in a memoir by a transplanted American living in France. (Samantha Vérant’s book, How To Make a French Family, is coming out in April.) Rather than try to save the recipe in the eBook, I clipped two other recipes from the … Continue reading

May’s Best Bites

May’s Best Bites

So much goodness, but a lot of it was not made by me, as my knee (frayed meniscus) is still limiting the time I spend in the kitchen (or doing anything else, sadly). I did, however, discover the secret to really crispy oven-baked chicken wings and I’ll share that with you soon, as a Recipe … Continue reading

Cross Culture

It is that week of suspended animation between Christmas and New Year’s. A friend and I go out to dinner at Cross Culture Ethnic Indian Cuisine at the Princeton Shopping Center. I’ve been meaning to try the place myself, but in this case my friend Joan was the ringleader because she has taught the niece … Continue reading

Consistency Counts

I keep meaning to share this photo of a delicious entrée my friend had at Main Street European Bistro in the Princeton Shopping Center a few weeks ago.  It is roasted salmon on risotto, with spring pea puree, pea shoots, and pearl onions. It was fabulous, and at $20 a relative bargain. The dish was on their … Continue reading

Vive la France!

You gotta love the French.  Their idea of convenience food is pretty great.  I found these pre-made chocolate filled crepes at Bon Appetit in the Princeton Shopping Center.  They had an apple version, too. The ingredients aren’t too bad – white flour, buckwheat flour, butter, oil (non-hydrogenated), chocolate, sugar, and hazelnut paste, basically.  No preservatives. The package … Continue reading

Tostadas al Pastor

I couldn’t resist putting a little extra effort into setting up this shot of the yummy tostadas (a flat crispy taco) al pastor I’d brought home from El Sabor Mexicano in the Princeton Shopping Center the other day.  They come with rice and beans, plus I had an order of guacamole, so it all made up quite a … Continue reading

Xin Nian Kuai Le!

Happy Chinese New Year! I’ve written and blogged about my dear friend Angela Chang for years, most recently after the delicious New Year’s Eve dinner we shared just a few short weeks ago. Here’s your chance to meet her and discover her cookbook, The Intriguing World of Chinese Home Cooking.  She’ll be at Chicklet Books in the … Continue reading