Tostadas al Pastor

Tostadas al PastorI couldn’t resist putting a little extra effort into setting up this shot of the yummy tostadas (a flat crispy taco) al pastor I’d brought home from El Sabor Mexicano in the Princeton Shopping Center the other day.  They come with rice and beans, plus I had an order of guacamole, so it all made up quite a plate. 
In back of the plate of food is a pretty painted wooden shallow bowl (almost a plate, really, and “vintage”) that my friend Kris sent me as a gift. I love it!.  But of course I don’t put food in it due to the hand painted surface.
If you like the looks of those tostadas, check my In The Kitchen recipe column in the Packet on April 24, when I include a recipe in a story about Cinco de Mayo.

One thought on “Tostadas al Pastor

  1. AAHHHH yes – the moment I saw that bowl I knew that it had your name all over it…under the painted flowers of course! But then again I’m an artist so I can see through paint!!!!!!!!

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