Summer rolls and Wegmans Shout-Out

Wegmans Summer Roll

I often end up at Wegmans Market in Nassau Park well past lunchtime on the weekend, not having had any lunch.  The press of errands to do, coupled with the knowledge that once home again I will need to spend a good chunk of time writing an article, fuels me until I come to the sudden realization that, hey – I’m starving!
So I usually cruise by the sushi counter and grab something I can quickly eat once I’m home. But if I’m not in the mood for sushi (fish in rolls) or nigiri (fish on rice), these summer rolls fill the bill.  They are in soft rice wrappers, and have cooked shrimp and “Krab” in them, plus avocado, carrot, lettuce, and cucumber.  They are light and delicious and come with a slightly sweet dipping sauce.
By the way, congratulations to Wegmans for topping Consumer Reports’ latest list of America’s best supermarkets.  You go guys!

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