Recipe of the Month – Tartiflette

20170307_183523Recipe of the Month – Tartiflette

I read about this dish, which was new to me, in a memoir by a transplanted American living in France. (Samantha Vérant’s book, How To Make a French Family, is coming out in April.) Rather than try to save the recipe in the eBook, I clipped two other recipes from the Internet and saved them in ChefTap.

This rustic casserole of bacon, potatoes, onion, and cheese is pure comfort food. The cheese is supposed to be Reblochon, but I didn’t find that when I was ordering groceries (online), so substituted Chaumes. Epoisses would also do. The idea is that the somewhat pungent cheese makes up for the mildness of the potatoes, so don’t use a bland cheese. (I expect that Bon Appétit in the Princeton Shopping Center will have any of these, and take note that while these are not inexpensive cheeses, the dish was well worth it to me.)

As is often the case, I read a couple of recipes online (here and here), and then did a mash-up of the two, going for ease and simplicity. I didn’t have any white wine open (called for in the Saveur recipe) but did have some crème fraîche (called for in the BBC recipe), so dolloped that (generously!) over the casserole before laying on the slices of Charmes. That provided plenty of extra moisture. And the onions added a slithery sweetness that, for me, made the dish even more appealing.

This, with a nice salad on the side, was a wonderful cold weather dinner and leftovers were easily used up over the next few days. I will definitely be making this fantastic dish again!

12 thoughts on “Recipe of the Month – Tartiflette

  1. Fascinating, Faith — of all the cozy/homey/rustic French recipes I read, I’ve never seen one with this sort of cheese. And I just HAPPEN to have some, and a potato too large to bake — and good bacon — sounds like fun. It’s also good to be over fluuuuuuu finally, which played havoc with appetite — very ODD for me — I usually read recipes and can TASTE them and I had to make do with memoirs. Thanks for your delightful blog, always. c

  2. Hey there-

    Thank you so much for the shout out! And thank you for reading my book! OMG! The launch date is this Tuesday! I’m leaving you with a link to all the final recipes in the book, some have goofy videos! Here it is:

    (I was only given two weeks to test les recettes before the advance copy was released. Thankfully, I had three months to test again (and again) and submit my final changes!)


    Many bisous and bon app!

    • I didn’t attempt to type out my combination of the two recipes I linked to, because it was so improvisational. But I did pretty much describe what I did. And the author of the book provided a link to her recipes, so I’d follow that, her tartiflette is at It really is like what I did, except I didn’t have wine, and didn’t think to use herbes de Provence, although I will next time. Think you’ll give it a try?

      • If it doesn’t have gluten, yes. How to get small amounts of wine is somewhat of a bother. I don’t want to be tempted to drink the rest of the bottle, nor do I want to pay for it! Who has a good source for half bottles?

      • Half-bottles tend to be pricey in my experience, but haven’t looked in a while. I’ve been drinking very little myself lately, but if I’d thought of it, might have subbed vermouth which I had already open (great for cooking). You could sub broth too. I think this recipe is gluten-free unless cheeses with rind are tricky.

      • Half bottles are VERY pricey – often more expensive than whole bottles. I’ll try vermouth — that subs for white wine, right? but not red?

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