Cross Culture

cc tandoor mixed grillIt is that week of suspended animation between Christmas and New Year’s. A friend and I go out to dinner at Cross Culture Ethnic Indian Cuisine at the Princeton Shopping Center.

I’ve been meaning to try the place myself, but in this case my friend Joan was the ringleader because she has taught the niece of owner P. J. Singh, who also owns Cross Culture in Doyslestown and Palace of Asia in Lawrence.  A restaurant empire!

So I’m just “along for the ride” for a welcome change. It’s my friend who gets the special attention, and we have a marvelous time. Let me tell you, this place was bustling!  By the time we leave they were filled to the rafters (they do take reservations).

What’s not to like – good, freshly prepared Indian food (predominately Northern Indian), friendly, accomodating service and plenty of free parking.  

Joan enjoyed a lovely chicken soup to start, a tasteful surprise, a little creamy without being overly rich. For her entrée, she had the Tandoori MIxed Grill (above) from the Appetizer section, yes, it is enough for two or three, and it was delicious.  I had spicy (as ordered) Lamb Rogan Josh and Daal Makhani (below), along with puri (the puffed bread), Raita (yogurt sauce), and Achar, hot pickled vegetables. 

cc dishesAfter all that (full disclosure), I must report that they refused to let us pay, because of Joan’s connection to the niece, from all accounts a lovely young lady.

Sometimes a restaurant will send me out a complementary appetizer or dessert when I am dining as myself (i.e. not a review, where I go anonymously to places where I am not recognized).  So this was a change for me, and it was a pleasant surprise.  (Of course, we left a very generous tip.)

In the space that has seen a succession of vegetarian and Japanese restaurants, this might be the charm.  Cross Culture should do quite well here, the place was packed with happy Princetonians and they are an exciting addition to the vibrant dining scene at the Shopping Center.

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