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Cross Culture

It is that week of suspended animation between Christmas and New Year’s. A friend and I go out to dinner at Cross Culture Ethnic Indian Cuisine at the Princeton Shopping Center. I’ve been meaning to try the place myself, but in this case my friend Joan was the ringleader because she has taught the niece … Continue reading

Good Korma

Cherry Grove lamb cubes with  TastyBite Good Korma simmer sauce and added Kashmiri chile (a girl needs her spice).  Yogurt sauce and basmati rice with apples and raisins from Trader Joe’s. This was a quick and easy meal, although I probably should have simmered the lamb longer, to make it more tender. But it was getting … Continue reading

Sausage en Poori

This was a sleeper success story from a recent potluck luncheon at the office (the same one that led to my previous post mentioning my Asian chicken salad with peaches). The assortment of foods we brought in spanned the globe.  An Indian dish of potato and pea curry was accompanied by delicious home made pooris, a … Continue reading

Ghee Whiz

I never know what I’m going to find at the Slow Food Winter Farmers Markets held at Tre Piani (see post of January 23).  At the one I recently attended, I found organic ghee.  Ghee is the clarified butter used in Indian cooking.  It’s pretty cheap in the Indian or Asian supermarkets, but of provenance unknown.  … Continue reading

Udipi Cafe

I have grown quite fond of vegetarian Indian cuisine, which I “discovered” a few years ago by exploring that corridor of Route 27 north of Princeton, up to Somerset.  Last night I paid a return visit to Udipi Café, which I reviewed over a year ago, and found it just as pleasing as the last time. … Continue reading

Life is Short, Recipes are Long

Sometimes I love spending time in the kitchen assembling the ingredients for an Indian meal. And other times – not so much. The list of spices for many dishes is extensive, so I tend to take shortcuts on a weeknight or other busy times. My biggest and favorite shortcut is a complete cop-out: Maya Kaimal … Continue reading

Meet Me at the Mela

The annual Indo-American Fair (mela) takes place at Mercer County Park this weekend (August 30 and 31), and if you haven’t attended before, why not give it a try?  You’ll feel like you’ve been on a mini-trip to India after browsing the vendors (art, crafts, clothing, etc.), and the dining area will offer a wide range … Continue reading